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Hi Everyone, how are you?

Engram Community is a decentralized community aimed at exploring blockchain adoption for real-world-oriented smart contract adoption cases on Engram Chain, a public chain issued by Engram Network. Engram Community members are diverse, including academics, business-oriented people, communities and organizations, regulators, media companies, and investors. Engram Network will help them benefit from public blockchain utility by becoming validators or partners, issuing smart contracts for fungible or non-fungible tokens, automating web3 integrations, and many more. In the end, we don’t need to limit our limits!

Engram on Zealy tasks?

Zealy (previously Crew3) is a web-3-based community platform where we can increase engagement around our product or service, analyze your community, aim to support growth, and work with community management teams to create successful influences. Engram Network will be happy to use it as a campaign platform where we can leverage our influence. After all, community will be our first priority before we issue a testnet program (with incentives!).

What are Engram Tasks on Zealy?

Our tasks are varying from product development stage involvement, social engagement and many more such as rundamental readings, content contribution, forum involvement, social media contribution, testnet preparation, and engagement.

How to Join Engram Zealy Community Task?

Everyone are free to join this Engram Community campaign. Zealy campaigns are easy and you can commit your daily less than 5 minutes task, less than an hour weekly tasks and just engage with our community with its programs to earn more XPs.

  1. Go to this link
  2. Register to the platform by creating an account. You can use your own email address then verify by submitting the codes you’ve received on your inbox.

3. Complete your registration by defining your username and your objective, then press ‘next’!

4. You’re now on the home page, go to search-bar and type ‘Engram’

4. Click its logo and execute the tasks one by one.

5. Once you have successfully finished a task, submit it the tasks list and directly claim your XP rewards/ wait our reviewer to approve it.

Rewarding System

Rewarding community members is a crucial incentive and governance mechanism within blockchain ecosystems. Thus, we’ll introduce Zealy XPs as a tool for deciding the our community roles. Our community roles by stages are;

  1. Verified: 0-100 XPs
  2. Starter: 100–500 XPs
  3. Learner: 500–1000 XPs
  4. Monopolist: 1000–2500 XPs
  5. Dominator: 2500–5000 XPs

Duration: September 16th — Jan 02nd

Through the Zealy platform, we will fully address user contributions and offer a wide range of tasks, including daily tasks, special tasks, campaign tasks, invite tasks, and follow tasks, to foster deeper engagement with Engram Network. You, our early and loyal users, are at the heart of our community’s growth.

Your roles will be given every month and can be seen through our Discord Server. Hence, the higher your Zealy level, the more prestigious your Discord role becomes!

Will Engram Introduce token as rewards on Zealy?

Rewarding communities with token/coin on our Zealy will be happening during certain events announced on Zealy! For example, active community who did a certain task well and approved by our team will receive NFTs or so on.

Start Your Contribution Now:

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The Engram Community is a decentralized group focused on exploring real-world applications of smart contracts on the Engram Chain, a public blockchain by Engram Network. Its diverse membership includes academics, businesses, regulators, media, and investors, all aiming to benefit from blockchain utility by participating as validators, issuing smart contracts, and automating web3 integrations. Engram plans to leverage Zealy, a web-3-based community platform, for engagement, growth, and influence campaigns, with a rewarding system based on Zealy XPs to recognize different community roles. The community’s goal is to foster engagement and introduce token rewards, including NFTs, through Zealy for active contributors during specific events.

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