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In the world that turned to be more digital, tokenization is one of the future trend on the blockchain sphere. Engram Network aims to bring tokenization from real world assets on the blockchain by industry direct approaching, public network facilities of Engram Network as well as the community grants for spreading real-world tokenization impacts.

Engram Coin ($GRAM) as the main gas fee of Engram ecosystem aims to empower the ecosystem as a whole. Thus, the tokenomic of it is designed based on that mission to drive web3 and blockchain implementation through real world collaborative stakeholders adoptions.

Token Information

GRAM coin has limited supply, and everyone only can get it through several methods, such as; buying from Engram Labs as institutional validators, getting rewarded for finishing the community tasks, running Engram Chain Validator nodes, ICO sales and from upcoming official exchange partners.

At the heart of Engram Coin lies a commitment to equitable distribution and long-term sustainability. With a maximum token supply of 1,000,000,000 GRAM, the distribution is carefully structured to ensure a fair and balanced ecosystem.

$GRAM Tokenomic

a. Proof of Stake Rewards

Engram Chain has adopted a consensus mechanism called Proof of Stake which will annually distribute rewards in GRAM coins from the protocol automatically by joining a staking program and validating the nodes.

b. Nodes Offering

There are monthly/annual subscriptions that must be institutional validator partners. We’ll assist them in joining the network, installing nodes, running the VMs through the cloud server we’re using. The rate and amount of GRAM sold by Engram Labs through this program can be negotiated based on the MoU between two parties. There is no timeline of this offer and it can keep continuing even after the end of ICO round, to achieve more institutional blockchain partnership.

c. Backers / Private Round

The allocation for private investors and backers that want to help contribute in Engram Network operations to reach wider users.

d. Public ICO (Initial Coin Offerings)

The ICO allocations will be offered to end-to-end investors. The comparison between Nodes Offering, Private and Public ICO can be seen from the table below.

e. Locked Liquidity

The locked liquidity is an allocation made from the investment in a stable 17 coin that should be locked in a smart contract.

f. Community & Campaign

Community and campaign allocation is the allocations for our community activities, like AMA rewards, webinar, hackathon, ecosystem development, etc.

Token Utility

GRAM’s utility extends far beyond mere transaction fee. As a dynamic digital asset, GRAM tokens serve as the only oil of the ecosystem. Users can utilize ECO tokens to;

a. Ecosystem fuel

Every time John makes a transaction on the Engram chain he will need to prepare a GRAM coin as a fee.

b. Smart contract deployment fee

Every time a developer deploy a smart contract on Engram he will also need to prepare GRAM coin as a fee.

c. Staking Program for Validators

Network Validators who also stake will get incentive from Engram protocol in GRAM coin.

d. Community Incentives

Communities who can contribute in GRAM coins will also gain from our program incentives.

e. B2b Partnership Subsidies

Valuable entities that want to join validating Engram coins will receive GRAM coins from our protocol in exchange with their ecosystem resources.

Engram Ecosystem

The Engram Coin ecosystem is a thriving hub of innovation and collaboration, comprising essential components designed to empower users and drive tokenization on a public blockchain. At its core lies Engram Chain, a layer 1 Ethereum Virtual Machine based blockchain and a fork of Ethereum 2.0 with same specification.

On the permission less network, developers and institutions can build their own decentralized application such as tooling, identity on chain, games, NFT collections, tokenization, Defi and many more.


Central to Engram ethos is the concept of decentralized governance, empowering the community to shape the future of the blockchain and smart contract adoption. Operating as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Through transparent and democratic processes, stakeholders can propose and vote on protocol upgrades, fund allocation, partnership subsidies and strategic initiatives, ensuring the ecosystem’s resilience and adaptability.


Engram Network pioneers the tokenization of real-world assets on the blockchain, driven by industry-specific approaches, public accessibility, and community initiatives using the Proof of Stake consensus that rewards validators and encouraging network participation. GRAM’s utility spans ecosystem transactions, smart contracts, staking, community rewards, and B2B partnerships, fostering ecosystem dynamism. Engram’s ecosystem, anchored by Engram Chain, facilitates decentralized application development across sectors.

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Engram Network

Engram Network is a revolutionary blockchain protocol made from decentralized community for real world sector smart contracts utilities.