Engram Tokio, the Testnet Chain has Completed ‘Dencun’ Upgrade

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4 min readNov 27, 2023


It’s been 2 weeks we’re running Engram Network Testnet Event and that means we’ve passed the week 1 and week 2 testnet event operation that includes node running and academic-themed smart contracts prototyping and thanks to our contributors for keep running the nodes and build various smart contracts on Engram.

Entering the week 3 of our testnet operations that will be focusing on business themed smart contract tasks, we decided to run an upgrade on the testnet chain by implementing Dencun upgrade.

What is Dencun, Anyway?

Before discussing the Dencun, we need to understand that Engram Network is a fork of Ethereum layer 1, the same way like Doge Network, a fork of Bitcoin. That’s why any upgrade of Ethereum chain will be compatible with Engram.

Engram also has 2 different layers, consensus layer where validators are working on proof of stake and execution layer where network users are transacting and creating smart contracts.

The Dencun acorcing to Consensys blog stands for Deneb and Cancun. Deneb is the name of Ethereum’s Consensus Layer Upgrade after Capella Upgrade, while Cancun is the name of Ethereum’s Execution Layer Upgrade after Shanghai Upgrade. Because the upgrade of both layers are implemented simultaneously, Ethereum Contributors named it Dencun.

What is significant Changes Impacting Engram Tokio

The Dencun upgrade has made several changes on Engram Testnet as follows.

1. Improving the network

Several Key Highlights of the Dencun Upgrade are on functionality, security improvement and performance optimization. The Dencun Fork brings forth a wave of enhancements to our platform, introducing new features and optimizations that will elevate the Engram experience for all users. Dencun Fork incorporates robust security measures to ensure the utmost protection of your data and transactions. We also expect a smoother and more efficient Engram Network with the Dencun Fork.

2. Ability to run EIP-6780 and EIP-5656

EIP-6780 restricts SELFDESTRUCT to the same transaction, minimizing disruption to current smart contracts. Motivated by Verkle tree implementation, it ensures no impact if SELFDESTRUCT is used in the creation contract; funds are sent, code and storage deleted, and nonce reset. EIP-5656 introduces the MCOPY opcode to enhance data movement efficiency in the EVM, particularly for memory copying and building data structures. It is a proactive measure solely focused on improving EVM efficiency, with no associated trade-offs or incompatibilities, as MCOPY has no current functional references.

3. Moving into a new RPC and new blockchain configuration.

As we moved with Dencun, Engram Labs introduced new blockchain configurations as follow;

Chain Configuration:

  • Chain Name: Engram Tokio Chain
  • ChainID : 131
  • Deposit Network ID : 131
  • Token Name : tGRAM

RPC Endpoint

Other RPC Endpoints

Consensus Endpoint API

Deposit Contract:

  • 0x4242424242424242424242424242424242424242

Block Explorers:

Team Also introduces new tools on Engram for facilitating developers in running nodes and monitor them as follows.

4. Archiving Previous Network Data

While moving into new chain configuration we already archieve the previous network data including transactions, wallet connected and smart contracts data on scan.engram.tech. User are able to check their previous network data as reference and re-build in on the new chain upgrade configuration.


Engram Network completed weeks 1, 2 and 3 of its Testnet Event, focusing on node operation and academic-themed smart contracts. Now entering week 4, it implements the Dencun upgrade, derived from Ethereum’s Deneb and Cancun upgrades. Dencun brings improvements to Engram Testnet, enhancing functionality, security, and performance. Notable changes include the ability to run EIP-6780 and EIP-5656 for smart contracts. The upgrade also involves a shift to a new RPC and blockchain configuration, with Engram Labs introducing tools and archiving previous network data for a smooth transition. We encourage all Engram users, developers, and node operators to update their configurations, software accordingly to ensure a smooth transition to the latest version and stay tuned!

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