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2 min readSep 1, 2023


We are excited to announce the public chain roadmap of Engram Network. Engram Network’s public blockchain is called Engram Chain. It is a short 1 year development roadmap that aimed to build community, MVPs and the suitable users.

We started building Engram Network since early August 2023 with a mission to establish a new solution to bring decentralization and blockchain technology values to the massive society by involving them to become network participants. We are bringing blockchain solution for non-technical entities and organization and in a mission to invite them into our proof of stake blockchain validators.

Quarterly Roadmap Overview

Our first quarter will be focussed on community building, minimum viable product (MVP) building and fundamental conceptions. Thus we’re inviting developers and blockchain enthusiasts to join our movement and build the future of Engram Network together (if you’re interested feel free to join our telegram and ask). Then we’ll invite our community to join our testnet program and other campaigns.

The next quarter we’ll see the mainnet of Engram Chain and our decentralized team from across the globe will be able to assist institutions to become our validators alongside with other decentralized validators. On this quarter we’ll also encourage developers to build something related to our mission on Engram.

The next quarter we’ll be focussing on inviting real companies, academics, businesses, communities, governments, medias and investors to become our validators, then we’ll potentially have a public round.

For end users, Engram Chain enables the creation of apps and services permiasionless. Solving the fragmentation problem in crypto is critical to enabling Web3 apps and services to reach a larger audience in the hundreds of millions.

Our next steps focus on user growth and growing our ecosystem of dApps to bring world-class, decentralized services to users across the world. We’ll also distribute tokens based on our tokenomic allocations we’ll annouce.

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Engram Network

Engram Network is a revolutionary blockchain protocol made from decentralized community for real world sector smart contracts utilities.