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Hi Engram Readers!

Maybe it’s quite late… but let’s review the progress we have made in Engram Network!


2023 is a meaningful year for our team, where we started to create Engram Network as a web3 startup, gathered teams, and started the project’s outline. Engram Network decided to build a layer 1 EVM-based blockchain protocol, a fork of Ethereum, as an alternative to blockchain for real-world smart contact adoptions. We are targeting big companies, public companies, foundations, and institutions to join our public network as network validators or build decentralized apps on our network. Several vital products we’re building in our first year are a testnet chain, a block explorer, a node monitor, blockchain documentation, and a staking launchpad for validators. This report will help you know our latest developments during 2023.

Technology Side

Engram Network has successfully launched our testnet chain, which we called Tokio Chain. The chain has been stable since October 2023 and has upgraded its latest Ethereum Virtual Machine’s Dencun Fork upgrade version.

The network is being secured by 50+ validators who ran the nodes from across the world (you can see them at this link). Users started creating smart contracts, tokens, and NFTs on our test network as part of our incentivized testnet program. Validators who help to backup the transactions have also staked their GRAM coin using CLI (soon they will be able to do that via the staking launchpad).

We also plan to arrange an Engram Build program for dedicated developer communities that want to contribute to our network by building their own apps. Communities can start creating their own project designs. Community contributions are a vital part of our priorities.

Community side

We gained quite a lot of community members from our Zealy program initiative and Testnet program. We are also arranging a voluntary program to help us reach the resources we need.

The Engram community still needs to improve their activeness later. Thus, we want to create a community call program that helps us communicate with our community and hear about their initiatives. AMA with our partners will also be part of our plans in 2024.

Operational side

Engram Network stands as a self-initiated public blockchain project, bootstrapped through our own capabilities. We have devoted our time and efforts to constructing the protocol from the ground up. In alignment with our operational strategy, we have taken a strategic step by establishing Engram Labs, an independent legal entity that operates alongside our team.

Engram Labs is formally registered as the Indonesian company PT. Engram Network Blockchain Technology, dedicated to the development of blockchain solutions and decentralized applications (dApps). As part of our holistic approach, we extend invitations to our clients, offering them the opportunity to become institutional validators, actively contributing to the security and integrity of the Engram public chain. This collaborative initiative underscores our commitment to fostering a robust and inclusive blockchain ecosystem.

Strategic Plan

In our strategic roadmap for the year, we are strategically orchestrating a private sale program and conducting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in collaboration with third-party entities. The primary objective is to fortify our operational capacity and facilitate the onboarding of additional contributors to propel the Engram Network forward. To pave the way for these endeavors, we are diligently preparing comprehensive documentation, encompassing essential elements such as the Whitepaper, pitch deck, tokenomic book, and more. These meticulously crafted materials will not only elucidate the intricacies of our project but also showcase the immense potential it holds.

In the imminent future, we are poised to make a significant announcement, divulging the specific platform where our coin will be made available for purchase and providing detailed instructions on the acquisition process. This forthcoming article will serve as a guide for potential investors, marking a pivotal milestone in our journey toward establishing Engram Network as a prominent player in the blockchain space.


In conclusion, 2023 marked a transformative year for Engram Network, from its inception as a web3 startup to the successful launch of the Tokio Chain, a stable testnet chain secured by over 50 validators worldwide. The technology side saw significant advancements, with the deployment of the Ethereum Virtual Machine’s Dencun Fork upgrade version. The community side witnessed growth through programs like Zealy and the Testnet initiative, prompting plans for a community call program and AMAs with partners in 2024 to enhance engagement. On the operational front, Engram Labs, our independent legal entity, was established, emphasizing our commitment to a robust blockchain ecosystem. Looking ahead, our strategic plan involves orchestrating a private sale and ICO to fortify operational capacity, with forthcoming announcements poised to guide potential investors. As we reflect on our achievements and look forward to the future, this report provides a comprehensive overview of Engram Network’s progress throughout 2023.

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About Engram Network

Engram Network is a blockchain network aiming to be the most supportive layer 1 blockchain protocol built for real-world smart contract adoption built by decentralized community. Engram Network is aimed to onboard the next blockchain adopter from Layer 1 blockchain protocol level through Hackaton, dapps challenges, education and partnership with real world sector entities.

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Engram Network

Engram Network is a revolutionary blockchain protocol made from decentralized community for real world sector smart contracts utilities.