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5 min readOct 26, 2023


Engram Network is a blockchain protocol designed for real world smart contract adoptions. Currently we are working on the Testnet Program to make sure the chain is safe, reliable and resilient.

A testnet chain is a simulated blockchain for testing and developing apps without using real tokens, ensuring safety before going live. We want to show our inclusiveness by doing collaborative testnet events, where network users are able to use the network, test the capacity, sync the nodes, deploy solidity smart contracts, decentralized apps and express the impacts!

About Engram Tokio

Engram name is taken from neuron terms, while Tokio is taken from the name of Rust programming language’s software library. Because Engram Chain is made from Golang and Rust, that’s why the testnet chain we call the Engam Tokio Chain.

The open source Engram Tokio repository can be found here.

About the Public Testnet Event

Engram Tokio Chain testnet will be open publicly. Everyone with EVM testnet experiences is welcome to participate and have a chance. Not everyone can join this testnet, the current phase is limited to 200 members and we will include more users in the next phases.



testnet timeline

See the full description here:

How to Join the Public Engram Tokio Testnet

All participants don’t need to register when starting the tasks, but every time completing a task from weekly tasks, you need to make sure submitting your works into the form available.

1. Read the tasks list on this page

form submission

2. Connect to the network and request the testnet balance (tGRAM) through faucet web

Participants need to install Metamask Wallet and connect to our EVM chain configuration;

Blockchain Name: Engram Tokio Testnet
RPC Address:
Chain ID: 130
Ticker: tGRAM

After successfully connected to the network, you’ll have a right to claim free 32 tGRAM (testnet GRAM) coin as a balance to run the testnet tasks including node running, smart contracts making, decentralized application building, etc. You can claim your free balance here.

Testnet Faucet currently can only be found on our Discord Channel:
[💦│token-request]. If you haven’t joined the server, please go to this invitation link.

3. Fork and run the commands on this repository

You will be guided to run Engram Nodes and sync the execution layer and consensus layer by docker features. You can use the recommended VPs with this specification;

recommended cloud specifications.

You can use the docker for running Engram using this guidance;

4. Submit the Node Profile on the Form Available.

After you run the nodes successfully, please go to this form and submit your Validator data such as ENR and Bootnode. The successful entry can be seen on

Node Monitor (Nodemon Engram)

5. Deposit tGRAM to our staking contract

After running the nodes you’ll be requested to run a staking deposit C

6. Build Real World Oriented Smart Contracts Based on The Theme

After running the nodes and submitted the data, you will be requested to build several smart contracts based on a specific theme weekly. The first week will be academic oriented smart contract, then business, community, government, media and the last one, industry. You create the contract that you can name yourself, for example;

  • (ERC20) $KP token — a loyalty point for Restaurant Crabby Patty
  • (ERC721) Biology Certification for Junior High School NFT
  • and so on.

Remember that you can be creative to decide your smart contracts ideas based on the world you were living.

Tips: Every week we will open new submission page from the same form, so please bookmark it well.

7. Build Dapps

If you were a apps developers who are familiar with how Solidity and how dapps are operating, you can also build a decentralized application on Engram Tokio Chain based on your creative ideas and submit it to the builder form below.

Successful applications candidate will be potentially supported by the Engram Foundation & Engram Labs using the resources we had.

What if I were not a developer, but wish to support Engram?

If you were not a developer, but you found Engram Network potential, you can run Zealy tasks we provided for our community. Successful entries will be rewarded by XPs, Discord roles and be informed with upcoming Engram Earn by community tasks.

Please check the previous article for the detail!

How Engram Testnet work for Business/ Organizational Entities?

If you are part of business/organizational entities who wish to be involved as Engram Valuable Partners who will help Engram to become the most potential supportive blockchain network for real-sector, we are open for several forms of partnerships including: validator partners, technology enabler partners, technology adopter partners, community partners, advisory partners and media partners — you can go to the form below to share your partnership form ideas with us

The partnership form:

if you have any questions please feel free to reach us our though the email address (


We introduced 3 incentive pools for all testnet participants including individual developer participants, non-developer participants and partners participants with the maximum amount as follow.

About Engram Network

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Engram Network

Engram Network is a revolutionary blockchain protocol made from decentralized community for real world sector smart contracts utilities.